Friends of the “Patrimoine” of Lussault (Lussault Heritage)

Mission: To introduce and welcome Lussault newcomers to Lussault and to contribute to the understanding, protection, maintenance and appreciation of the cultural heritage (“Patrimoine”) of our village, that is our mission.
Activities: To preserve the heritage of the village.
We together with the Municipality of Lussault have begun renovating and restoring the roof of the Saint Etienne Church, built by the Duke of Choiseul.
Signing up and Contributing to restore our Church

We will keep Lussault natives, past and present residents, newcomers and all lovers of our 'terroir' and heritage up to date regularly by a newsletter of our research and findings on Lussault-sur-Loire situated in the Val de Loire,
part of the UNESCO World Heritage.



On Saturday May 20 2017 Georges Ramuscello, mayor of Lussault-sur-Loire and Jacques Guionnet, delegate of the "Fondation du Patrimoine" (Heritage Foundation) signed an agreement to contribute to the restoration of Saint-Etienne Church in the presence of Father Jean-Pierre Gaillard, the head of the "Saint-Martin Val d’Amboise" parish, along with representatives of the Lussault-sur-Loire municipality and many friends and members of the FRIENDS OF LUSSAULT-SUR-LOIRE HERITAGE.

Before the signing of the documents, a visit of the church was organized and then after the signing a glass of wine was offered in honor of the project. Donations were received during the meeting.

Friend of this newsletter, do the same, give generously for this worthwhile project!

Flyer “Let’s restore together Saint Etienne Church”

Flyer Restaurons ensemble l'église Saint Etienne

Signature de la conventionCrédit photo : J.-C.Louet

Logo de la Fondation du Patrimoine



It is only on December 28, 1936 that “sur-Loire” was added to the name Lussault by decree. In the 18th century the most usual spelling of the town’s name was Luceau.

Stéphane Gendron* mentions that in 1336, the name was spelled LOUSAUT or LOUSAULT and LUSSAUT in the Philippe August deeds of 1213.

“L’origine des noms de lieux de l’Indre-et-Loire” Ed Hugues de Chivré 2012.

To know more, consult this page of the "Centre-Val-de-Loire" region database available on Denis Jeanson's website.

Route d'Amboise

Carte de Cassini

Saint-Etienne chuch

Door of the church from one can see the stain glass window of the “AGNUS DEI” in the choir.

Fresco in the choir dating from 1866 to 1878.

Freso in the choir of Saint-Etienne church

It represents the Trinity : the Father, the Risen Son and the Holy Spirit in the shape of a dove. The combined circles mean their commune infinity. The three angels of the same size represent Yahweh's apparition to Abraham under the Mamreh oak. The wheat ears and grapes symbolize the bread and wine of the Eucharistic Communion.

Door of  Saint-Etienne church

Cassini's map
The bell tower (viewed from the hill)

Concert by Saint Kizito Choir

On Saturday August 26, 2017, in the Saint-Etienne Church of Lussault-sur-Loire, the Saint Kizito Choir gave a free concert in order to raise funds for the restoration of the church. The Friends of the Lussault-sur-Loire Heritage had organized the event. The organization was started in November 2016 with the mission to welcome newcomers, and to protect, care for, develop and enrich the heritage of our village.
The Saint Kizito Choir includes about forty members from about fifteen different countries. It is a multi-generation and multicultural group including students, working members and retired men and women. Its programs, especially its Gospel program, takes us around Africa with its many rythms and languages. Friendship characterizes this group that sings for retirement homes, non-profit organizations or weddings and animates Catholic and Protestant religious ceremonies.

Chorale Saint Kizito

Affiche du concert

Affiche du concert

The concert poster
La Nouvelle République - 29/08/17

Living heritage

Philippe Audoux

Philippe Audoux created the Atelier “PAJ” in 1979. He produces stain-glass windows according to the traditional method with lead, paint on glass, EMAUX and GRISSAILLE, fired at 650 C degrees, following his full-scale model.
He works in the tradition of the Compagnons. He restores stain glass windows made in the nineteenth century and produces also eclectic works, Art Deco and Art Nouveau windows or following designs by famous painters and projects for private clients and for numerous castles.
In 2017, he established his atelier in Lussault-sur-Loire.

Philippe Audoux fine work

Astronomer (Johannes Verneer)
The Astronomer (Johannes Verneer)



  • President: Anne Voisin
  • Secretary: Marie Jeanne Kessedjian
  • Treasurers : Thierry Schreiner
  • and Danièle Larger
  • -
  • Solange Brown, Jean-Pierre Beauchais



French municipality situated in the Indre-et-Loire department (Centre - Val de Loire region) on the South bank of the Loire river, between Montlouis and Amboise.
About 750 inhabitants called lussaudiers and lussaudières.

Blason de Lussault-sur-Loire


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Pictures of Yesterday


Au Coin Tranquille (The Quiet corner)

Hotel Restaurant "Au Coin Tranquille" on main street.
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Main street

Pécault's bakery (foreground right)
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Produits des Docks du Centre

A store on main street.
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Bureau de Poste

The Post Office.
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